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About – Salon Carte Blanche


My name is Corinne. I was born in France, and my destiny decided that I have to live in America. I learned and graduated in France to be a hair stylist for 4 years (stylist since 1984). I worked in France with the biggest name in this Industry. Their talents are well known internationally. I always had a passion for the fashion that’s why I love my profession. This job allows me to express myself.

I started with Mr. Marino Alfred who was “The best stylist in France” in 1978 then “The world champion of styling” in 1982”. He knew how to give me the passion for “La Coiffure”.I graduated with success. Then my next step was working for Mod’s Hair. They created a look “coiffe-Decoiffe” which means “Style but not Style” to allow active women to have their hair always well done. This “coiffe-decoiffe” looks like the picture of the magazine Elle, Marie-Claire, Vogue, etc…… Today they are in 16 countries and own more than 30 hair salons.

Then I worked for Jacques DESSANGE, Paris. Fabulous experience of Luxury, Beauty and Savoir-Faire of this marvelous renowned name. Partenaire official at “Festival de Cannes”.

Today, it is my turn to open my beauty salon and share all my experience during all this years with you.

You will find a very fun, motivated and professional ambiance.